Workshop in English

Creative Business Models

Termin: 27. 02. 2019 | 09:30 –16:30 Uhr
Veranstaltungsort: Stadtteilzentrum am Teutoburger Platz, Fehrbelliner Str. 92, 10119 Berlin

Understand, visualize and improve your creative business model
„One day I want to make a living of it.“ – a dream that many creatives and artists have but which sometimes seems difficult to achieve regardless of how talented or motivated you are. If you want to learn how to use your skills, talent, resources and know-how to create your own well rounded business this workshop is for you.

If you are looking for an exchange of ideas and experiences about running your business in or from Germany while having a different language and cultural background or setting a business up here that has worked elsewhere, you will meet likeminded individuals as well as an interculturally experienced and aware trainer.

Together we will have a closer look at your artistic and creative approaches, processes and experiences and look for ways to connect and complement them with entrepreneurial thinking and action.

You will leave this workshop with your own Business Model Canvas – the blueprint for your (new) business, loads of feedback on your ideas and new contacts.

Your Value Proposition – what your fans, customers and partners really value.
As a professional artist or creative you have to individually develop a growing audience. You will get a better feel for your offering, niche and audience and better understand

  • Your customers, what they value, where and how to reach them
  • Your unique set of skills, talents and processes and the business opportunities you can create with them
  • Networks, collaborators and potential partners that you can win for your mission

And you will get practical hints on how to turn new insight into opportunity for your new or existing creative business.

Intercultural exchange
Business habits and communication styles greatly vary around the globe. This seminar also provides the opportunity to explore and become more aware of the richness of cultural similarities and differences in a business context. The exchange with other participants will broaden your horizon and spectrum of possibilities whether you are new in town or a seasoned Berlin local.

Methods and program
As a result of this course you will have developed an idea, a project or an artistic / creative endeavor into a thought out business model OR further improve and develop your existing business.

After a methodical introduction you will be working in teams of 2 or 3 on developing and  visualizing your business models. This approach is based on the Business Model Canvas method by Alexander Osterwalder. The course leader is a certified systemic coach, entrepreneur, marketing consultant and experienced supporter of creative ideas and people.


**This course is in English**

If you experience any difficulties with the registration form (German only for now) please drop us an email.


This course is for you if

  • you are an artist or creative individual with an idea or project you want to monetize (better) or a product or service you want to sell
  • you are a creative or artistic freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner and want to improve your business
  • you are new in Germany or have been living here for a while and find it easier to follow a course in English than in German
  • you are a local and want to get an international perspective on your business, connect and exchange ideas with creatives from different cultural backgrounds and practice explaining your business in English

1 days, 8 hours


Philipp Schwenzer
Coach / Consultant / Trainer

Philipp Schwenzer is a certified Systemic Coach and counsellor for the cultural industries, creative individualists, musicians und start-ups. Clients that want to improve their communication, marketing and entrepreneurial skills find dedicated support in seminars, workshops and individual coaching sessions. He facilitates creative business models from first ideas to vision, strategy and implementation. Philipp holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing from Berlin University of the Arts.


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